• Delivering milk and dairy products
    Offices, Cafes, Restaurants
    No delivery charges
  • Delivering 6 days a week
    Central London
    At A.M.Dairies we supply fresh milk and dairy products also soya milk,
    almond milk, coconut milk. Fruit and much more.
  • Family run business
    Over 30 years experience
    ..delivering in central London. We have a first class reputation for delivering on time every time.
    We provide a friendly and effective customer service. No request is too small or too big.

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Delivery service of milk and dairy products direct to your door!


milk and dairy products delivery london

Fresh milk, organic milk, soya milk, almond milk


cheese delivery london

Mild cheese. Mature cheese. Cream cheese. Brie and Parmasan.
Goats, feta and Ricotta and much more.


CREAM delivery london

Double, Whipp, Single, Sour, Clotted


coffee, tea delivery london

Sugar, Tea, Coffee, Paper towels, Toilet roll.
Cling film and much more.


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Why People Choose Us

We are a family run business. No order is too small or too big.

  • Competitive prices

    Our prices are competitive and our products are fresh daily.

  • Always on time

    We aim to deliver at the time that suits you.

  • Other

    There is no delivery charges on any of our products. No contract. Free quotation, friendly customer service.

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